8 Tips To Present Great Gifts Without Spending a Fortune

Lyuthar December 13, 2016 Christmas Special Gift 1 Comment

Holiday gifts are all fun, excitement and surprises. Then again, they are quite expensive too. Buying gifts for family, relatives and friends during Christmas can be like burning a hole in the pocket. This can easily dwindle your budget and leave you with a fewer pennies at the end of the festival.

To avoid such a situation, it becomes necessary to have some better gifting plans for this Christmas.

  1. Secret Santa Game :

During Christmas, people buy gifts for everyone. So instead of doing the same this year, better plan the Secret Santa game. Here everyone will be assigned a name for whom they are supposed to buy a gift. You can plan this game for personal gifting at home or during office celebrations. This way everyone will receive a gift and no one will have the financial burden to buy for each and everyone.

  1. Make A Precise List Of Gift Receivers :

You may feel to buy gifts for everyone but, with a tight budget, it is not possible to shop for everyone. So make a list of people for whom you must buy gifts. They can be your spouse, kids, as well as other family members. Some close friends, colleagues and your maid may be included too.


You can even ask your family members to follow this tip and help them save some money too.

  1. Buy From Sales :

Make sure you visit the sales section at different stores. You are sure to find some good gifts for your people there. Buying from a sale means you are saved from spending more.

  1. Bake Something :

Every mum will definitely agree to it. Apart from cakes, why not try some cookies or brownies for those little tummies this Christmas. This way you can have a special gift for your family and friends without spending a fortune.

  1. Try DIY :

Instead of buying costly gifts every time you can even do something DIY. It can be anything like making a greeting card or trying to make a fragrant soap, attractive gift wrappers, stunning mobile pouches, etc.

  1. Use Coupons :

Most of the gift stores offer discounts. Just make use of them while buying gifts and you will be able to get them for cheap. To find the deals better visit VouchersMonk and find all the deals available at the gift stores.

  1. Re-gift :

It may happen many time that what we have received as gifts may not be the ideal one for us. In such scenarios, you can think of gifting them to people who would love to have it. Gift wrap and it is ready to be gifted again.

  1. Gift Memories :

Instead of buying expensive gifts, try to gift memories this time. You can print some memories or make a write up of some good memories together on a greeting card and gift it to your dear one this time.

So try out these Vouchersmonk tips this time and enjoy Christmas gifting on a lesser budget.

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